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We only provide the best in personalized care, which means we are the first choice for your foot or ankle injury. Not all pain is caused by years of wear. Sometimes a sports injury or car accident can leave you in immense pain.


Don't suffer any longer. Put your trust in our dedicated podiatrist, Dr. Stanton Smith. He'll give you solid ground to stand on and help begin your pain management treatment.

When you find the perfect career, you often don't think of how it will take a toll on your body down the line. If you've worked for years as a waitress, nurse, teacher, or other occupation that kept you constantly on your feet, we can help with the pain you may be feeling now. We will examine the issue and find the solution.


For over 25 years, K2 Foot & Ankle has been helping feet just like yours!

Have years on your feet left you in constant pain?

Don't suffer any longer from an accident or sports injury

Common foot and ankle symptoms or injuries:

Before we jump straight in to a treatment option for your foot and ankle pain, we make sure you know all the different roads we can take to put the spring back in your step. We will work together to decide on the option that best fits your lifestyle.

We ensure that you're aware of all your treatment options

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 • Achilles tendon injuries

 • Ankle sprain

 • Arthritis

 • Athlete's foot

 • Club foot

 • Corns and calluses

 • Cracked heels

 • Diabetic foot

 • Hammertoe

 • Heel pain

 • Ingrown toenails

 • Tendonitis

 • Warts