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 • Warts

 • Heel pain

 • Flat feet

 • Bunions and corns

 • Foot and ankle injury

 • Toe nail fungus

 • Hammertoes

 • Ingrown nails

 • Ankle injury and fractures

 • Endoscopic procedures

 • General foot care

 • Foot and ankle surgery

 • Sports injury treatment

 • Diabetic foot care

 • USANA products

 • Foot supplies

 • Diabetic shoes

 • Custom orthotics

For over 25 years, podiatrist Dr. Stanton Smith and the staff at K2 Foot & Ankle have been providing their patients with the best in foot and ankle care.


We treat anywhere from common foot pain and ailments to disease related pain, such as diabetic foot care. Don't wait any longer. Protect your feet from damage with our help!

Put your trust in our podiatrist, Dr. Stanton Smith

Most insurance plans are accepted.

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Professional and personal care for your foot pain:

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At the first sign of foot or ankle distress, come and see us. Like any other medical condition, there are preventative measures that can be taken to help ensure the life and health of your feet or ankles. We'll examine the problem and create the perfect personalized treatment plan to keep you healthy.

Don't damage your feet or ankles further

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